The Blessing Class

This class focuses on the blessing of understanding God’s vision for Israel, the Church, and you and your family. It provides an overall view of the Bible story through a Hebraic lens to help believers increase their understanding of Scripture and be firmly grounded in God’s Word.

Part 1: God's Vision for Israel

Focuses on the Abrahamic Covenant and God’s plan to redeem humanity through the chosen nation of Israel. Topics include:

1. The Blessing – the six dimensions of the Abrahamic covenant
2. The Promise – the Promised Messiah and messianic prophecies
3. The Church – understanding what is ekklesia
4. The New Covenant – internal transformation
5. The Birth – prophetic convergence

Part 2: God's Vision for The Church

Provides a powerful perspective on the function of the Church in God’s overall plan to redeem humanity. Topics include:

1. The Nascent Church – a Jewish movement empowered by the Holy Spirit
2. The Curse
– anti-Semitism, replacement theology, the first-century schism between Jewish and Gentile believers
3. The Cure – repent, reconcile, reconnect
4. The One New Man – experiencing the power of the resurrection (Ephesians 2:14, 3:6; John 17:21)
5. To the Jew First – evangelism, supporting Israel

Part 3: God's Vision for You and Your Family

Guides on how to improve personal and family life and become effective disciples of Jesus. Topics include:

1. God’s Design for the Family – the secret to family success
2. Your Life Purpose – embracing your divine design
3. Freedom from Generational Iniquities – severing negative patterns to protect your children and grandchildren
4. A Healthy Family – plugging into God’s divine rhythm to unite your family

We are a Bible-based church that loves Jesus and honors Israel. Our mission is to make disciples teaching them the fullness of our spiritual heritage.

Service Times

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Saturdays 6:30 to 8:00 pm