Vision Class

This class focuses on understanding God’s vision for Israel, the Church, and you and your family. It provides an overall view of the Bible story through a Hebraic lens to help believers increase their understanding of Scripture and be firmly grounded in God’s Word.

Part 1: God's Vision for Israel

Focuses on the Abrahamic Covenant and God’s plan to redeem humanity through the chosen nation of Israel. Topics include:

1. The Blessing – the six dimensions of the Abrahamic covenant
2. The Promise – the Promised Messiah and messianic prophecies
3. The Church – understanding what is ekklesia
4. The New Covenant – internal transformation
5. The Birth – prophetic convergence

Part 2: God's Vision for The Church

Provides a powerful perspective on the function of the Church in God’s overall plan to redeem humanity. Topics include:

1. The Nascent Church – a Jewish movement empowered by the Holy Spirit
2. The Curse
– anti-Semitism, replacement theology, the first-century schism between Jewish and Gentile believers
3. The Cure – repent, reconcile, reconnect
4. The One New Man – experiencing the power of the resurrection (Ephesians 2:14, 3:6; John 17:21)
5. To the Jew First – evangelism, supporting Israel

Part 3: God's Vision for You and Your Family

Guides on how to improve personal and family life and become effective disciples of Jesus. Topics include:

1. God’s Design for the Family – the secret to family success
2. Your Life Purpose – embracing your divine design
3. Freedom from Generational Iniquities – severing negative patterns to protect your children and grandchildren
4. A Healthy Family – plugging into God’s divine rhythm to unite your family