Pastor Nestor
Founding Senior Pastor

Pastor Nestor is a hot tea aficionado and brews the best tea in his home tea lab. A family man, he coached his daughters’ soccer teams for 14 years. He loves life, colorful food, and helping people discover their God-given purpose and talents. At age 19 he had a radical encounter with Jesus and since then was never the same. Visit his blog at

Pastor Dina
Admin & Education

Pastor Dina loves reading, writing, cooking, and studying God’s Word in quiet contemplation. She enjoys sharing her thoughts on her blog at After her careers in the IT and homebuilding industries, she homeschooled her daughters for ten years until they graduated high school. She currently has a dual career in ministry and is a licensed real estate broker operating her business, Valencia Properties. Dina’s favorite title is Mom and her favorite spot in the world is home.

Speaker & Theologian in training

Gianna has a peaceful personality, loves theology, the land and people of Israel, soccer, and Hebrew tutoring. She is pursuing a master’s degree in Messianic Jewish Studies at The King’s University in Southlake, TX, and wants to travel the globe to be a bridge for improving Jewish-Christian relations. In her free time, she likes to play the keyboard. She also enjoys photography. Visit her blog at

Fun Agent & Counselor in training

Nathalia is naturally extroverted, full of life, always happy, and loves sloths, llamas, and reading mystery books. She is pursuing a degree in counseling at The King’s University in Southlake, TX, and wants to become a licensed counselor.