By Dina Lima

Moshe, Moshe! How you loved your people.
You advocated on their behalf;
You pleaded and pleaded again
To quench God’s rightful wrath.

Warned were they to not serve other gods;
But their humanity took over fast.
Like us today who do the same,
Serving gods with modern names.

Oh, but Moshe could not hold back.
Disobedience broke the camel’s back.
“That’s it!” God said, “Let me kill them now!”
But Moshe pleaded just one more time.

Moshe’s heart began to tremble;
Rightfully so as he remembered
That it was God the maker of heaven
Who delivered the people with bread, unleavened.

He saw God’s power demonstrated
With signs and wonders to teach a lesson.
So men would know there is no other
Not then, not now, and no, not ever.

Oh, Moshe, Moshe! How you loved!
Your father’s heart would not let go.
With compassion and tender care,
Leaving God’s people you’d never dare.

“Look,” God said, “Make the people move on!”
After drinking the melted calf.
He ensured His presence with them would go
For without it their path would never glow.

God set Moshe’s mind at rest,
Reassuring, “I’m with you. I won’t leave.”
It was the marker Moshe knew
That made them different through and through.

Even now as in times past
God’s wrath against us does not last.
Forgiving, healing, love steadfast;
Shouldn’t we dearly love Him back?

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