Weekend Serve Team

1. Welcome with a big smile! 😊 

HELLO EVERYONE! Welcome to Shalom Church! We’re so glad you’re here and decided to worship with us!”

[IF WE HAVE GUESTS:  “If you’re a first-time guest thank you for joining us. We would love to meet you personally after the service.”]

2. Give a BRIEF Word of Impartation for 2-3 minutes (NOTE:  Max 3 minutes!!)

Please share from your heart whatever the Holy Spirit leads you to share. If you reference a book, please take a picture of whatever you want to share on your phone and read from your phone.

3. “Let’s pray”

Acknowledging the Holy Spirit’s presence, repent, ask God to inhabit our praise and worship, etc.

4. “Let’s stand and worship together”

Schedule: September, October

We are a Bible-based church that loves Jesus and honors Israel. Our mission is to make disciples teaching them the fullness of our spiritual heritage.

Service Times

Worship & Bible Study
Saturdays 6:30 to 8:00 pm