It still feels so surreal! 2020 was so full of surprises for all of us! I knew my husband had a calling to pastor someday but I put it in the back burner. Buried it. Way back in the crevices of my mind. Didn’t think about it. And then it hit us last summer when we met with a dear pastor at Gateway Church and Nestor Lima expressed the pull he felt in his heart… once again. This time very strong. And then again this summer when we met with another dear Gateway pastor who made the connection that led us to today.

Nestor, my dear and loving husband: 30 years as a devoted Jesus follower. And then underwent 20 years of preparation for this moment. Now Shalom Church is born. And it feels so right. So unique. So beautiful. For such a time as this. In the midst of a global pandemic (or plandemic whichever you believe), to bring life, light and love to people who desire a deeper relationship with God and long for His presence in a fresh new way. I’m excited. I never thought I would be. But I’m loving it!

Pastoring is loving people. Caring for them. Once your heart is gripped with God’s vision for your life, His desire becomes your desire. You never see people the same again. You start to see them as God does. And make every effort to love them as He does too.

Shalom Church. Launched December 5, 2020. A new journey. A new path. A new adventure for our family.

L’chaim! To life!


It’s official! We launched Shalom Church on Saturday, December 5th with a Messianic service.

We are so blessed to have had Rabbi Michael Bryan anoint us and officially install Nestor Lima as pastor of Shalom Church. He opened it up for prophetic words and it was so encouraging to hear what was spoken over us.

Following the ordination, we had a “Reconnected” event, which is about reconnecting to the Jewish roots of our faith in a practical way through reconciliation and forgiveness for anti-Semitism, Replacement Theology, and all the atrocities committed against the Jewish people under the banner of the cross and in the name of our Lord Jesus. It was an amazing event and we’re starting to hear about the impact it had on those who were present.

Pastor Stokes and Beth Collins (right), Pastor Kyle Fox (left), Pastor Alph Samuel (behind Nestor and Dina), our friend Judith Cruz next to Beth Collins, centered: Nestor, Dina, Nathalia, Gianna.

Wednesday, November 25th we met with Pastor Stokes Collins (pictured above), who along with part of the Gateway NRH pastoral team, prayed over us, laid hands, and encouraged us through prophetic ministry. We are so grateful for our relationships and friendships built at Gateway over the last 11 and a half years. The beautiful reality is that it is not a goodbye but a kingdom expansion. We continue to walk in friendship with our beloved brothers and sisters at Gateway Church. 

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